Coworking in Santiago de Chile

Socialize Culture

In Chile, there is a lot of coworking spaces and many entrepreneurs have chosen this method because they have seen great possibilities that encourages them to develop their projects to work in or from Santiago.

The aim is to promote the ideas by granting them a well-connected, productive, efficient and very interesting space. In our country, the coffee break in the office’s hallways is very important because that is where a lot of business are realized. It is known that it is in those instances when the best ideas and good agreements arise so that these coworking spaces are fostered.

These sites provide tools so that people can design their projects, while providing contact with professionals from other disciplines, seeking achieve collaboration between them.

Innovation at Work

Chile is the Latin American country where more has increased the use of technology, which has allowed bring the social aspect to the work place, uncoupled of the physical location and generating the creation of new networks. It’s no wonder that major projects in this area have rised up in these places.

Corworking spaces have cafes, desks in open areas, work tables and large meeting rooms, with designs that encourage creativity while enabling work comfortably, and are increasingly springing in major business districts like Las Condes. In many of these places, also people are advising and monitoring their projects offered to provide support to face any problem.

Coworking benefits in Chile

This type of office is being widely used by entrepreneurs, for whom benefit to stop worrying about fixed costs and office maintenance, while they can sharing with other professionals.

In Chile more places to share knowledge and experiences among entrepreneurs were needed. For the worker has a network of contacts and collaboration with other professionals, these spaces are a important support to them and for a lower cost because expenses shared among more people.

There are too many social organizations and universities as well as entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of this system in the capital, because in Chile there are many incubators, investment funds and grant funds to finance innovative ideas programs. State institutions as CORFO and SERCOTEC have been encouraged original ventures.

Coworking boom in Chile

The coworking stormed Santiago in 2011 and since then its growth has been exponential. Now there are more than 20 in the capital. Some specialized claim to be more than an office, but rather a workshop to develop new projects.

Spaces of more than 1500 meters start with 70% of its total space occupied, which shows that entrepreneurs need this places. And many are already inaugurating Coworking in the rest of the country and in Latin America.

Within coworking spaces, some of them have created award-winning projects and have been organized workshops which more than 5,000 people who have been benefited annually even not being members of the space.

But, to what point it is useful to share space? After the production stage, the coworking structure is uselles. When entrepreneurs become a bigger business people it’s time to fly the nest, look for an office and leave that space for new entrepreneurs. Although it advised to the entrepreneurs to follow every linked to these centers that are true hotbed of innovative ideas that can be of great benefit to continue to grow the business.